What Now, Guy?

It’s now almost four months since I’ve returned from a long period abroad.  It’s been great to be back.  I thought readjusting to life in America would be difficult but it hasn’t been so bad.

I was unemployed for about three weeks and then got a job doing sales at a language school, which only lasted one week.  This job did not pay me anything nor did it really seem like there was potential in it.  It was sort of a depressing week – I was really pumped to start a new job doing sales.  I thought it would be a good opportunity but there were no leads and ended up being really discouraged.  But I quit, which was empowering, and two days later found another job.

The other job I got was as an ESL teacher at a language school in Midtown – I mostly teach Western European young adults.  It’s different from my previous teaching Korean elementary school students – a lot more conversation and a lot less in-class discipline.  It was difficult at first but now I have the hang of it.  It’s a decent job, but the hours come and go with the enrollment levels, so the job lacks a sense of permanence, which maybe is a good thing.

I was hoping that I’d fall in to something interesting and be able to start a serious career doing something but I’m still uncertain about which course to take and find myself in a holding pattern.  It’s not so terrible, but I’d like to get moving on something.  I don’t really know how one goes about figuring this thing out – I’d like to try out some more jobs.  What jobs? How will I get them?  I don’t know.  I don’t know.




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