Looking Back: Korean Highlights (October 2010 – April 2011)

  • Jirisan (10 October 2010) – Definitely one of the nicest and most excruciating weekends in the past year was climbing the tallest mountain in South Korea.  The climb up was difficult but nothing memorable.  The hike down involved two dislocated shoulders and took twice as long as the ascent.  The night was spent with some of my best friends in a minbak (a Korean-style hotel with mats on a heated floor) near the base.  It took many trips to the jjimjilbang and to the doctor to recover.
  • Thanksgiving (28 November 2010) – Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and this year it was nice to celebrate it with as many of the trappings of home as possible.  Some friends were able to get turkeys from the Air Force base and hosted a potluck.  Even though many of our favorites were hard to cook in Korea, the extra effort was definitely worth it for a slice of Americana.  Thanksgiving was one week before my half-marathon and the day started off with our last long run before the big event. Running, eating, being with friends – what’s better?
  • Half-marathon (4 December 2010)  – I did it.  I ran a half marathon.  Not easy.  Going to Seoul with the big group and renting the big group hostel room is always fun but having the shared experience of the run and the last of the nice mild fall weather made it all the more memorable.
  • Thailand (11 December – 18 December 2010) – Thailand is Thailand.  I don’t know what else to say other than it was amazing and I REALLY didn’t want to come back to Korea afterwards.
  • Seonyudo (2 April 2010) – After a long winter of staying in and saving money and getting ready for the end of my contract, I had one last Korea excursion.  Maybe the shortest excursion but also the most different was to the Seonyudo Islands right off of Gunsan’s coast.  Seafood and shooting off fireworks with drunk middle-aged men and a great girl feels like an appropriate way to remember Korea.



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