Seonyudo – Archipeligo in the Yellow Sea


When I was making my mind up to come to Gunsan, one of the biggest draws was that it was on the coast.  However, it’s not exactly on the sea.  It’s on the Geum River, very close to the sea.  Most of the waterfront – both on the river and the sea – is industrialized.  Heavily industrialized.

The main draw for a beautiful seaside experience is Seonyudo.  Seonyudo is the biggest in a string of islands that lies off the coast in the Yellow Sea.  It has striking island peaks and amazing seafood.

I don’t know why I waited so long to visit.  I love boats and I love seafood.  I’m sort of glad I went when it was off-season – the only other people there were groups of middle aged men who were very eager to feed me abalone ( it is good for ‘stamina’ ) and soju shots.  They lit off a mini-fireworks show and had a bonfire.  Jina and I rode bikes around the islands and ate some bizarre but delicious sealife.


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