Some New Years Resolutions

In 2010, I accomplished a lot of goals.  I resolved to do quite a few big things and accomplished most of them.  I moved out of the comfortable confines of the New York metropolitan area, I kept myself motivated to do as much possible with my time here, kept the energy up, ran a half marathon, travelled to three countries I’ve never been to before and met lots of new friends.    My biggest personal disappointments are not learning much Korean and not writing more ( I have a couple of screenplays I’d love to get written – Pot Pirates and Time Pot).In 2011, gotta keep up the momentum.  I have to build on accomplishments from last year and work on new things.  The most important of which is figuring out what career path to take.  That’s my goal for 2011.   Having my masters in library science, I’m going to start from there  – looking for jobs as a librarian.  But I have a feeling that I’m going to have to look elsewhere for my true calling.So here’s a list of some 2011 resolutions

  • Finish off some of the things on my Korea to-do list.  (e.g. seeing a Korean bullfight, temple stay and going to the DMZ)
  • See new parts of the world before returning to New York
  • Keep running – do two more half-marathons  either in Asia and North America
  • When in New York, find a job – reintegrate
  • Think hard about my future
  • Think hard about THE future
  • maybe cut back on the cheesy ramyeon (this is the resolution I think I won’t keep)



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