Welcome to Sekyeong Apatuh

This is my home in Korea.  Sekyeong is a complex of apartment buildings located in the south of Gunsan’s Naundong neighborhood.  It is located within walking distance of my school, the main drinking drag of Gunsan, two worthwhile parks and the local movie theater.  There are several bathhouses nearby, a kimbap restaurant, a supermarket right next door and a cobbler in the parking lot.On my first night in Korea, my boss brought me here.  I was exhausted.  I was so anxious to see where I’d be living.  We get out of the car, I drag my bags through the doorway and we wait for the elevator.  As we’re waiting an old lady – the classic hunched-over Korean grandma – waddles in and let’s out a seismic fart.  And being new, I don’t know up from down.  I just stand there straight-faced like it’s something I’m perfectly used to.Besides that intro, the time I’ve spent at Sekyeong has been pretty unremarkable.  No crazy parties in the building, nothing unusual going on in the corridors besides a couch in the stairwell between the 5th and 6th floor.  None of my neighbors seem to have noisy sex or loud fights.My apartment is comfortable but not by any means really homey.  Or rather, it feels like home as much as it can but it has no where near the pull that other places I’ve lived have had.  Its spacious for one person but I’ve only had a total of eight guests – of those only two of them have made repeat visits.Here’s a little video walk-through of my apartment…


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