THIS IS KOREA – blog name change

I’ve passed the seven month mark in Korea so I thought it was proper to change the name of my blog from “Whoa! I’m in Korea!” which reflected a certain excitement and novelty that one experiences in such new surroundings (and by the way, much of that novelty hasn’t worn off especially when I look at a map of the world and ponder my place in it).  The focus of the blog won’t change much but I hope to spend the next few months showing more what my daily life here is like.  What Gunsan looks like – what the streets look like, what my apartment looks like.  Who the people are that I see everyday are.  At least for a while this will be my mission.  I plan on making more videos and more photos.  And yes, I plan on keeping up my series of Korean War updates.   By the way – if this were 1950, the UN would be sitting pretty in Pyeongyang, North Korea right about now.The name “This is Korea” is taken from Leonardo DiCaprio’s line in Blood Diamond “This is Africa, mate” to express his cynical view of how things work over there.  But after switching the name I’ve discovered This is Korea is also the name of a Navy propaganda film from 1951 directed by Hollywood legend John Ford.The entire film is on Youtube and I’ve embedded it here.  It’s well filmed and is interesting mostly for its shots of how Korea looked in that time.  A more different country is difficult to imagine.  But the kids are still cute – especially the orphan that the GIs took in and rechristened ‘Babe Ruth DiMaggio’.

Another enemy position to take, and this is how we take it: First the air burns in, in close support; scorching the place with napalm, while all the time the artillery softens up the survivors – if any. And, whoever runs gets cut down with small arms fire. Then, we move in on foot – and we go in; FOR THIS IS KOREA, CHUMS – THIS IS KOREA.


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