Hacking and Conning

Every time there’s a test in my academy we hand out blank sheets of paper which the students use to cover their test papers so that their classmates can’t cheat.  It’s a simple thing.When I hand them the sheets they say “Ah yes, teacher! No hacking” to which I always reply “Hacking? what’s hacking?” “OH! OH! Teacher! NO CONNING!” at which point I wonder in frustration how it seems like every word for dishonest activity has entered in to their vocabulary to mean cheating except for the correct one.   To one of my brighter classes, I even explained what hacking is, what conning is and what cheating is, but they still are determined to use the terms wrong.  They’re English words being spoken in English class but to them they’re Korean.So instead of getting frustrated, I’ve decided to do what I can and remember that we’ve done the same thing to French. Language does whatever it feels like doing.But, my duty as an English teacher compels me to act and to put up some sort of fight.  I plan on making a list of the greatest hits of Konglish.   Stay tuned.


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