If this were 1950 PART TWO: OPERATION CHROMITE (Incheon)

One of the greatest accomplishments of the United States armed forces – ever- was here in Korea.  After set-back after set-back, a dark string of defeats stretching from late June, 1950 through to that August, the South Koreans and their U.N. allies lost most of the Korean peninsula to the Red hordes from North Korea.  By September, the UN had a solid parameter are Busan that included Daegu and Ulsan, but it was impossible for them to break-out.In the days of defeats – long summer days of confusion, chaos and failure – Douglas MacArthur had started working on the great counter attack that was reverse fortunes in the peninsula.  The plan called for an amphibious assault on the west coast of Korea to cut off the Communist armies from their supplies and force them to pull back.On the morning of 15 September, 1950, braving  insane tides, the American and South Korean troops landed at Incheon – Seoul’s Yellow Sea harbor – and took the Communists totally by surprise.   They drove towards Seoul and after a week of hard fighting had retaken the Korean capital and cut off the Red troops to the south.The Incheon invasion utterly (however only temporarily) turned the tide in the Korean War.  It was a master stroke of strategic planning and tactical execution.If this were 1950 it’d have happened today.


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