The Epic Battle

Forget the conflicts between South Korea and North Korea, America and the Taliban and Good and Evil – the realest struggle we all have to face is Something v. Nothing.   Doing something and doing nothing.   In Korea I have these luxuriant mornings – I usually wake up around 8am.  Everyday I wake up and check my email and feel like so much time passes before I sign off.  Even if I’m on my bed reading a book – I usually have my laptop open and will respond if I hear the little sound an incoming instant message makes.I’ve felt the need to occupy these mornings.  I’ve taken Kumdo – the Korean way of the sword- , I’ve gone for long bike rides, I’ve started running and I’ve recently been going to the gym with a friend of mine.   I still feel like I should be doing more.  These mornings are such an opportunity to produce something.  Yet, it’s so hard to get in to action when I don’t HAVE to be doing anything.Even just working on this blog.  I can’t how many games of solitaire I’ve played or how many articles I’ve read on Gawker or Huffington Post since my last post.   And this really isn’t hard.   Just sit down, log on and write.  There’s so much for me to be writing about – I’m confronted with new things all of the time that I could be writing about.It goes beyond writing this blog, however.  I feel like I should be reading more, painting more, writing some screenplays I’ve been meaning to write (all of which happen to be weed-related comedies),  I should be exercising more, I pressing every second for everything it can give me.만세!!!…I think I make this resolution every year or two….


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