Long Weekend Wrap Up

My journey can be seen here.The first phase was Gyeongju.  My day involved getting up very early and very hung over to catch a bus from Gunsan to Gyeongju.   Five hours later I arrived at my hostel and took a short nap before heading to Bulguksa.  It is a beautiful temple site but was very over-run by tourists.  Took away from some of the serenity.  I then climbed the mountain at whose base the temple is situated.  In the heat it was a difficult climb – although there were no steep inclines.  On the way was the Buddha statue in the grotto.  The statue and the grotto were both underwhelming.  Unfortunately – but then again maybe it was because of the crowds.  But what WAS beautiful was the view from not too far above the grotto, where on one side I could see a beautiful valley of farms and the city of Gyeongju and on the other I caught my first glimpse of the Sea of Japan.After descending – I went to my hostel and had a nice evening chatting with the other guests who were surprisingly all European tourists.  Until then, I hadn’t met anyone  in Korea as travellers or on vacation from anywhere besides Asia or the U.S.Next leg was Busan.  I took the train from Gyeongju – I had to wait longer for the train and I it was slower but I’m happy I took it.  It had wonderful views, it dropped me off exactly where I was going in Busan and I was happy to not be on a bus for once.Busan is a fantastic city – it has the beach, it has mountains, it has great food, great people, a big city vibe and a real cosmopolitan atmosphere.   After getting terribly day drunk and loosing a decent amount of money playing black-jack, I tried some of the sashimi at the fish-market ( I ate I fish I saw swimming minutes before) and hit some of the bars near the university.I beat the night and crawled my way to the bus terminal for my trip home.   It was a solid long weekend, god bless.


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