If this were 1950…

I meant to post about this before – but on the early morning of June 25, 1950, the North Korean People’s Army came across the 38th parallel in a full scale invasion of the southern part of the Korean peninsula.   That was almost three weeks ago now.  In the subsequent three weeks, the North Koreans advanced rapidly – The Fatherland Liberation war was progressing very successfully.Four days later, they captured Seoul amid a chaotic scene.  Reprisals and executions were common.By early July,  the U.S. was deploying soldiers from occupation duty in Japan to slow down the communist advance.  The first major engagement was in Osan (today home to one of the biggest U.S. Air Force bases in Korea) but the Koreans overwhelmed the unprepared Americans.The next battle was in Daejeon.  To me, a North American living in Korea, Daejeon is best known to me for the Costco.  It’s where I buy bacon, meat, cheese, and bulgogi bake at a reasonable price.  In 1950 though, to the two armies engaged, Daejeon was the most important hub between Seoul and Busan – the next biggest city in Korea.This time the Americans were a little better prepared than they were in Osan but they were still relatively weak and unorganized.  They had to stall the North Koreans for long enough for more American and Anglo-Commonwealth troops to come in to Busan and Daegu to defend the southern tip of Korea.  The battle started on the 14th of July and went through to the 21rst with the Americans badly beaten and retreating.Gunsan was captured around the same time.  On July 13th, North Koreans fought their way past South Korean Marines to capture the city and the Air Force base.IF this were 1950, I’d be in an occupied city.


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