A Fantastic Question

Dear Reader,I probably get two opportunities to go abroad during my time in Korea.  For one of those times, I’d like to go to China and for the other trip I’d like to go some place tropical preferably with beaches and ruins and possibly monkeys.CHINA’S HUGE! So many places to visit!There are so many beautiful tropical countries in South East Asia!Have you been to China or South East Asia?  Where did you go? Did you have a magical time?  A terrible time?  What places are not to be missed?  Tell me your stories!!!!


One thought on “A Fantastic Question

  1. China is great! I don’t know if things have changed, but last time I went there, I had to get my VISA from the Consulate in the US. The Embassy in Seoul could not do it for me. So I had to FedEx it through a visa prossing service.Anywhere in Indonesia is nice, also Mylasia. Kala Lumpur is a fantastic place to visit!I’m actualy planning on backpacking through China at the end of July or first part of August. Taking the ferry from Gunsan for 150,000, and will make my way to Beijing and fly back for another 200,000.

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