The World Cup Begins

About a month ago I posted here the official 2010 South Korean World Cup song, but in case you missed it, here it is again….

and now the version with Olympic gold medal winning figure skater Kim Yu Na (who I happen to think is a better dancer with skates on her feet)….
if you want a small idea of what life has been like the last couple of weeks, imagine these songs playing over and over and over and over and over again – if they didn’t make me so gosh darned pumped for the World Cup, I’d really hate them…Korea is a really good place to be for the World Cup.  The combining of the huge and omnipresent Korean pride, with  beer, soju, sports and the chance to be better than any other Asian country (i.e. China or Japan) creates a delightful red mix of singing, dancing and overall revelry.Even in a smaller city like Gunsan, there were several viewing areas set up in parks that were attended by tens of thousands of people.  This game started early enough that families were able to come out.   Public drinking being totally accepted here, it was sort of a nice mixture of wholesome, drunken and VERY HAPPY.Korea’s first game of the World Cup ended in a 2-0 victory over the Greeks.   The next game is against Argentina and should prove to be a much more difficult game –  a victory or draw will guarantee that South Korea advances to the next round.  People are going to flip out.  I can’t wait!


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