Korean Celebrity (man) Crush #2

So here’s my second Korean celebrity crush – THAT I’M WRITING ABOUT.  I think most of the members of Girls Generation (especially Jessica and Yuri) will get a nod at some point, and so will some other girls from historical epics and random commercials.  In the meantime, I was pondering if I were a Korean man, who would I want to base my look on.Riding on the subway in Seoul, I decided I’d want to have facial hair.  Then I saw these commercials for Hite Beer….

I realized if I were a Korean man, I’d want to look as much like Kim Nam Gil as possible.  Especially when he’s decked out in his costume for Bi Dam in the hit show  The Great Queen Seondok…All I could find out about him was that he was born in South Korea, he dropped out of college and his hobbies are playing the flute, water skiing, tap dancing and taekwondo.ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD….


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