Election Day in South Korea

About four weeks ago I was brought out of a gentle slumber at 8:00am by a song being played in a loop.  For about thirty minutes, the same song over and over and over again played.  I thought maybe an obnoxious fruit salesman had rolled in –  but this was a far larger menace – local elections in South Korea.  For several weeks the streets of Gunsan and every other city big and small were inundated with mobile election command centers blasting music and crack squads of dancers who would occupy street corners and bow at passing pedestrians and vehicles.

It was sort of interesting to think who I’d vote for based on my little to no knowledge of the actual issues (the biggest issue seems to have been the future of the Saemangeum land reclamation project I’ve talked about here before).I like this Mr. Lee Seong Il – he’s the only candidate who didn’t wear a tie in his campaign pictures.  A real man of the people that tells me. I met some of the candidates at a rice wine place on the night before the election.  There was another Mr. Kim running whose campaign photos never showed him smiling – I discovered he had a mangled set of teeth.  There was a Mr. Park who wore a bright green jump suit.I don’t know who earned the seats they were seeking but they’re certainly all winners in my book.


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