Korean World Cup Songs

I’m not going to lie – this song sort of rules.  Transfixion’s The Shouts of the Reds is South Korea’s official World Cup 2010 team anthem.  There’s another music video for this same song with the band and a room of dudes in matching suits doing a dance that I couldn’t find, which is a lot cooler.

There’s also another Korean World Cup music video.  That video follows the sad day-to-day lives of a chubby office worker and a long haired deliveryman.  These two had once met each other at a Korean national soccer match and remember the moment fondly of an embrace over a goal but the two never kept in touch with each other.  The office worker has to walk through a daily gauntlet of ridicule from his co-workers and the deliveryman’s deep love of the Korean national team often interferes with his daily business.  They both think constantly of their dramatic embrace.The two however are re-united while the deliveryman is making a delivery to the officer worker’s office.  The two decide to quit their jobs to pursue a life of running around the streets of Seoul while wearing red marching band outfits waving Korean flags and being chased by a mob of soccer fanatics.I’m not kidding when I say it’s actually kind of touching.  I’d say the that song is even catchier than the video I posted.


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